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Experiences in Algarve Portugal
Experiences in Algarve

Experiences and Adventures at Domes Lake Algarve

Wonders in Algarve

Explore the cultural richness and natural beauty that thrives in the picturesque Algarve region.

Cozy gatherings, cultural escapades, and the warmth of Portuguese hospitality await. Discover things to do in Algarve, from wine tasting in Algarve renowned vineyards to Cataplana cooking lessons. Embark on village tours in Algarve to experience its authentic charm. Let Domes be your sanctuary, and begin a journey of soulful excitement.

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Ultimate Game-Watching Experience

Join us for the Olympic Games frenzy! Catch major Olympic events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, on large projector screens. Try our themed cocktails by Antonis Katakis, and delicious finger foods. Kids can participate in Olympic track games and themed gifts, sports coloring books, jockey caps, and jerseys add to the fun. Revel in the spirit of the games with Domes!

Olympic Games 2024


  • First Capital of the Algarve

    Embark on a journey back in time in Silves, the ancient capital that cradles tales of the past within its storied walls, and conclude with a wine lunch that harmonizes the region’s history with its lush vineyards.

    Traditional Towns of Algarve
    Thins to do in Algarve Portugal
    Castle in the Town of Silves Algarve Top Attraction
  • Oysters and Wine at Ria Formosa

    Navigate the tranquil waters of Ria Formosa, taste the sea’s bounty with fresh oysters, and sip on sublime local wines, embracing the unique blend of nature’s gifts and enological craftsmanship.

    Best Beach of Portugal
    Oysters and Wine at Ria Formosa in Protugal
    Cooking Lessons in Algarve Portugal
  • Cultural – Cork Secrets Tour

    Uncover the secrets of the cork, one of Algarve’s natural treasure, with a guided tour that takes you from the market’s local flavors to the hushed halls of a working cork factory and museum.

    Cork Factories In Algarve
    Activities for Cork Production in Algarve
    Cork Museum in Portugal


  • Loulé Market

    Discover the vibrant essence of Loulé, where the echo of history meets the bustle of markets brimming with artisanal finds and the city’s festive spirit never fades.

    Loule Town one of the Best Places to Visit in Algarve
    Traditional Market of Loule in Algarve Village Tours
    Shops with Traditional Products in Loule
  • Tavira

    In Tavira, let the Roman Bridge lead you through a cityscape rich with architectural marvels and the whispers of bygone eras, all set against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

    The Beautiful Bridge of Tavira Town
    Unique Things to do in Algarve
    Tavira Town Village Tours in Algarve
  • Faro

    Faro stands as a beacon of culture, inviting you to meander through its old town’s romantic lanes and to find solace in the lush expanse of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

    Traditional Houses of Faro Top Attraction in Algarve
    Old Streets of Faro Town in Portugal
    Colorful Buildings of Faro Town in Portugal
  • Sagres

    Stand on the precipice of history at Sagres, where the fortress bears witness to the Age of Discoveries and the wild Atlantic beckons the brave and adventurous.

    Best Places to Visit in Algarve
    Top Things to do in Algarve
    Top Algarve Attractions
  • Silves

    Revisit Silves to drink in the splendor of its Moorish past, where the red stone of its castle walls complements the verdant hues of the region’s famed citrus groves.

    Traditional Town of Silves Village Tours in Algarve
    Walking Tours in Algarve
    Best Village Tours in Algarve Portugal
  • Monchique

    Ascend to Monchique, a tranquil retreat nestled in the mountains, where wellness flows as freely as the mineral springs and nature’s bounty is celebrated at every turn.

    Tranquil Retreats for Winter Activities
    Mountain views from Monchique for Winter Experiences in Algarve
    Colorful Traditional Towns of Portugal
  • Weekly Activities

    Experience a week of enchantment with our carefully curated lineup of weekly activities.

    -On Mondays, start your week with a traditional Cataplana Workshop, infusing your Monday with flavor and fellowship.

    -On Tuesdays, embark on an avian adventure known as “The Mark,” guided by an expert along our scenic lake shores.

    -As Wednesday arrives, we invite you to indulge in the exquisite world of wine, where our sommelier’s selection of regional wines takes center stage.

    -On Thursdays, unleash your inner mixologist during our Weekly Mixology Class at Raw, learning the craft of cocktail creation with our expert bartenders.

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    Birdwatching in Algarve
    Cataplana Cooking Lessons in Algarve
    Signature Drinks for Special Guests in Algarve Best Luxury Resort
  • Discover Avian Marvels: Guided Rare Birdwatching by the Lake

    Embark on a serene journey around the picturesque lake with an expert twitcher as your guide, immersing yourself in the world of rare bird species that call this tranquil haven home.

    Behold the elegant Purple Heron, the elusive Little Bittern, the striking Purple Swamp Hen, and other fascinating inhabitants like the Marsh Harrier, the Red Crested Pochard, and the Ferruginous Duck. Explore the trail adorned with informative signage, unveiling captivating photos and details about each feathered resident. Your knowledgeable birder will unveil the secrets of their remarkable migratory patterns in this vital region. Commence your expedition at The Mark’s charming lakeside kiosk, equipped with a comprehensive map guiding your journey.

    Communal binoculars enhance your experience, offering glimpses of these elusive creatures. Concluding your invigorating stroll, savor a traditional Portuguese delight – Amarguinha, an almond liqueur. This memorable experience is yours to relish for approximately 30 minutes, offered weekly with a guide at 4:00pm or daily upon your request.

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    Guided Rare Birdwatching for Winter Experiences in Algarve
    Experiences for the Winter Season in Algarve