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We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 1st of May!
Activities in Corfu Greece
Daily activities in Corfu at Domes Miramare


Hotel Calendar of Activities

Find an array of daily activities at Domes Miramare, between pool dips and beachfront sun-soaking.

Take advantage of our painting masterclasses, or the fully-equipped tennis court. Of course, beyond the standard dose of culture and adventure, we partner with extraordinary personalities for ever-evolving offerings that will elevate your Greek Island experience.

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Tennis Court

Experience the pinnacle of luxury tennis on the captivating island of Corfu. Step onto our private tennis court, where the Mediterranean air and gentle sea breeze heighten your game. Surrounded by an ancient olive grove, immerse yourself in the scents of the island as you engage in exhilarating matches.

With top-notch amenities for tennis enthusiasts, including a fully-equipped court, you’ll find the perfect balance of sport and serenity. Serve, volley, and unleash powerful strokes in this rejuvenating setting, where every game becomes a true ace.

Tennis Courts in Hotels for Luxury Activities in Corfu
Couple Enjoying Sports Activities in Corfu Greece

Painting Masterclass

Every Wednesday afternoon the masterclass will take place under the olive trees gazing into the Ionian Sea. During the event, you will awaken your sense of creativity and paint your own artwork on a blank canvas with the guidance of Mr. Gelekas and you will take it back home!

Masterclass under the olive trees for Thrilling Activities in Corfu Greece