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Attraction in Corfu Greece
Attractions in Corfu Island


This Corner of The Ionian Sea is Destined to Host All Sorts of Passionate Encounters.


Adorning the UNESCO World Heritage List, Corfu’s Old Town area is a maze of winding alleys, picturesque Venetian houses shining in the midsummer sun, standing among fortresses, sculptures, and stately buildings. The polyphony of influences grants Corfu a singular charm in the form of a multicultural town enamored with music, literature, and the arts.

Goethe, Oscar Wilde, Lawrence Durrell, and Henry Miller didn’t just adore this place, they took inspiration from it and channeled it into their writing. Today, it is a vibrant city unquestionably worth exploring, filled with ample opportunity for entertainment and excitement, including museums, restaurants, shops, festivals, monuments, and nightlife.

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  • Moraitika

    Situated on the southeastern part of the Ionian island of Corfu, the resort is in the beachfront village of Moraitika, less than 30 minutes from Corfu airport. As you descend to this emerald seaside haven, what you see hasn’t changed much from 1960, when Miramare founder Gerasimos Patronikolas – the husband of Aristotle Onassis’s sister Callirrhoe – saw when he arrived: unspoiled nature, tall trees descending to the shore and a magical seascape that stretches as far as the eye can see.

    Beachfront Village of Moraitika Attraction in Corfu
  • Achilleion Palace

    Commissioned in the 19th century by Princess Sissi – Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary – Achilleion is a stately palace dedicated to her only son, Rudolf. Its theme? Achilles, the brave but tragic hero from the Iliad.

    He’s found in statues and paintings, while the panoramic balconies and scenic location serve the visitor of the Achilleion with memorable vistas of rolling hills and the glistening sea stretching past the horizon. Today, it serves as a museum certainly worth visiting, just 10km from the hotel. Merging the 19th century with Greek antiquity and Corfu’s nature, it hosts fascinating sculptures, antiquities, and impressive architecture by Raffaele Carita.

    Attractions in Corfu, Mon Repos Summer Residence of King George of Greece
    Greek Antiquity and Corfu Nature some of the Best Attractions in Corfu
  • Mon Repos

    Hidden away in a verdant forest dotted with ancient columns, historic bastions, and real-life antiquities, Mon Repos served as the summer residence of King George I of Greece. There’s unmistakable energy in this location – a timeless elegance – and echoes of important men and women from across history.

    Built in 1824 for British High Commissioner Sir Frederick Adam, Mon Repos is a stately home fully renovated in the late 20th century to house the Paleopolis Archaeological Museum, surrounded by over 2,000 rare species of plants adorning its botanical gardens – both endemic and transported from the British colonies in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Attractions in Corfu, Mon Repos Summer Residence of King George of Greece
  • Canal d’ Amour

    Corfu’s 217km (135 mile) coastline leaves nothing to chance for lovers of the aquatic element. Virgin beaches, secret coves and scenic capes set the tone for your passionate love affair with the sea this summer. The Canal d’Amour is a small, turquoise cove with a naturally occurring tunnel where, as legend has it, a swim will land you “the one” for life. But there’s so much more: At Moraitika, you’re surrounded by the best beaches in Corfu!

    Iconic Sidari, expansive lagoon Korrision, golden-sanded Issos, Cape Drastis, Paradise Beach… We’ll arrange your visit to the very best beaches on Corfu by car or with our Miramaretta speedboat.

    Old Town Attractions in Corfu Greece
    Mesmerizing Best Beaches in Corfu Waiting for the Guests to Explore them