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We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 26th of April!
Crete Family Hotel for All Ages
Family Holidays in Crete Greece

Family Holiday at Domes Zeen Chania

This Season Kids Stay Complimentary

Take advantage of our Kids Stay Complimentary offer this season and discover the fantastic array of family activities in Crete.

From imaginative activities for the little ones to exclusive adult relaxation options, we’ve crafted every detail for family fun and memorable moments together.

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  • The Ultimate Family Resort in Greece

    In crafting a microcosm that feels both natural and organic, Domes Zeen Chania has created an idyllic atmosphere that encourages community, bonding, and family togetherness. With luxurious accommodations just steps away from the beach, a plethora of family-oriented activities, and safe outdoor spaces for children to roam and play, parents can relax and enjoy some alone time while their little ones experience the magic of the Mediterranean in complete safety.

    So become the superhero of your family that you always knew you could be, and make up for lost time with endless opportunities to celebrate life, explore new interests, and make cherished memories that will last a lifetime at Zeen – the ultimate family resort in Greece.

    The Ultimate Family Resort in Greece
    Family Activities in Chania
    Chania Accommodation Crafted for the Modern Family
  • Accommodation Crafted for the Modern Family

    The idea of travelling Greece with a toddler or being in Crete with kids can seem a little daunting at first. At one of the top Crete family hotels though, family fun is effortless and quality time endless and delightful for all.

    At Domes Zeen Chania, we’ve purpose-built pavilions, suites and villas with private or shared pools to add to our wonderful outdoor spaces. Their handcrafted feel, tactile sustainable materials and large windows lift up everyone’s spirits and bring the outside in, placing you in the warm embrace of Cretan nature and that oh-so-glorious Greek sun.

    Hotel Private Pool for Families
    The Ultimate Family Resort in Greece
    Man Enjoying his Coffee at Beachfront Luxury Hotel of Domes Zeen Chania
  • Kids' Club

    Transport your children into a world of Mediterranean enchantment at Domes Zeen Chania’s Kids Club. Concealed among the lush foliage, the Kids Club features yurts and teepees, making for a picturesque and magical setting. Let your little ones roam free in the play areas, splash around in the pool, and engage in educational activities, all while safely surrounded by sustainable, natural materials.

    With Montessori-focused staff on hand, you can relax and indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, sunbathe to the serene sound of the waves, or enjoy a romantic meal for two, knowing your children are safe and happy in the capable hands of our expert team. When you reunite, your children will be eager to share the stories of their adventures in this fairytale-like setting.

    At Domes Zeen Chania, we understand the importance of family time and strive to make every moment unforgettable. While your children are busy exploring their magical world, indulge in some much-needed “me” time, knowing they are safe and cared for. Reconnect with your partner over a romantic meal or simply soak up the sun with a good book. When you’re ready to reunite with your little ones, you’ll have a wealth of cherished memories to share.

    The Ultimate 5-star Resort for Families in Chania Crete
    Family Holiday in Greece at Domes Zeen Chania
    Activities for Kids in Chania Family-friendly Resort
  • Family Fun in the Sun

    With breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, our private beach beckons toddlers and children with the promise of sun, sand, and endless fun. Our pebbly coast is equipped with everything your family needs for a comfortable day by the water, from loungers and umbrellas to beach towels, all provided by Domes Zeen Chania free of charge. For young ones who can’t get enough of the water, we offer a 46m2 freshwater children’s pool and a variety of watersports just a stone’s throw away.

    But the adventure doesn’t stop there – take your family on a journey through time by hiking the famous Samaria Gorge, a biosphere reserve teeming with protected species, waterfalls, and historic landmarks. Or set sail on a boat for a day trip to explore hidden coves and paradise beaches. Whether it’s diving into the turquoise waters or horseback riding along ancient paths, our family-friendly activities offer endless opportunities for adventure and unforgettable memories.

    Family Fun in 5 star Resort with Private Beach in Chania Greece
    Little Girl Playing on the Private Beach of the 5 star Domes Zeen Chania Family Resort
    Family Moments at the Beachfront Luxury Resort in Chania
  • Gardening, Healthy Eating and Eco responsibility at KiEPOS for Kids.

    Extensive studies on Greek eating habits have scientifically found Greeks to have the healthiest dietary patterns and longest life expectancy! Greece’s geography and Mediterranean climate sustain some of the most diverse, quality produce.

    Organically grown over millennia as part of the culture, local vegetables include olives, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, green beans, okra, green peppers, and onions. Apricots, peaches, nectarines, and cherries are also delicious and highly nutritious fruits that can be found in abundance.

    Committed to nurturing eco conscious youngsters, Domes Resorts introduces KiEPOS Kee-pos: Greek Garden”. Plants are the answer and our fresh vegetable garden awaits our little growers to cultivate & decorate it! Children will get the chance to plant their own greens, herbs & flowers during their stay with us, always under the guidance of our experts. Having a hands-on, sensory experience will help illustrate big ideas like sustainability, eco – responsibility and healthy eating in a fun way that is easier for young ones to appreciate.

    Growing and watering veggies will teach responsibility and healthy eating. It will also be a great way to teach sharing with others, the importance of birds, how the ecosystem relies on little creepy crawly bugs to thrive and why it is in our interest to protect the cycle of life! Each plant will be labelled with the name of the little gardener who tended to it, so that after their departure they can expect an email with photos, to show at school, of how much their plant has grown! Α great green world awaits to be discovered at Domes KiEPOS!

    Team of KiEPOS showing a Child the Organic Farm of Domes Zeen Chania
    Gardening Healthy Eating and Eco responsibility at KiEPOS for Kids at Domes Zeen Chania