Halkidiki, Greece

A world of serene beauty, endless sunshine, rich history, and authentic local charm. Inviting. Enriching. Halkidikian.

From the stunning beaches of Halkidiki to the rolling hills and ancient ruins, this region offers a unique and breathtaking experience. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and take in the beauty of the natural surroundings, including crystal-clear waters and lush greenery. The lively atmosphere of Halkidiki is elevated by its beach club vibe, making it a prime destination for travelers looking to balance leisure and excitement. The locals welcome visitors with open arms and their hospitality is unmatched. Explore the traditional villages and taste the authentic cuisine, steeped in local customs and traditions. Experience a blend of luxury, style, and adventure in this Mediterranean paradise.

Domes Noruz Kassandra

This Beach Club with rooms caters to those tuned in to the global day-life and nightlife scene. Indulge in the finer things in life in a glamorous seaside setting, the perfect home base for exploring the legendary clubbing of Halkidiki, Greece.