Loudos Contemporary // Constantinos Valaes

Event Date:
August 20, 2023
Domes Miramare Corfu

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Constantinos Valaes, the hagiographer, painter, and sculptor, uses his art to express his love for the olive tree, not just as an icon, but also as a symbol of spirit, ideals, and ancient Greek history. For the past decade, he has been creating olive tree sculptures using copper and bronze as his primary materials, developing his ideas and giving shape and character to his projects. His endless inspiration and passion for his craft have led to the evolution of his masterpieces, which have gained recognition from important personalities in Greece and abroad.

With the unwavering support of his family, Constantinos established the “VALAES” company in 2009 in collaboration with his two sons, Panagiotis and Aggelos. The young men actively participated in their father’s vision, applying their modern perspective to create equally important projects.

The “VALAES” company seeks to strengthen and expand the Greek spirit and culture throughout the world by using the olive tree as its inspiration and establishing a presence in important art shows and cultural activities in Greece and beyond. The sculptures they create are elegant and unique, true masterpieces that capture the essence of Greek culture and history. Through their art, Constantinos and his family are leaving a lasting legacy that celebrates the beauty and significance of the olive tree in the Greek landscape and beyond.

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