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From Greece’s sun-kissed shores and iconic beauty to Portugal’s tranquil lakeside, discover renowned, inspiring destinations with preserved geography, cultural depth, and historic charm all wrapped up in opulence and soulful hospitality. Whether seeking legendary nightlife, family adventure, or high-energy wellness retreats, every experience is transformative, meaningful, and lifelong.


Domes Noruz Mykonos


Domes White Coast


91 Athens Riviera, The Resort
Makris Athens Fine Dining


Domes Miramare Corfu
Domes of Corfu

Chania, Crete

Domes Noruz Chania
Domes Zeen Chania

Elounda, Crete

Domes of Elounda
Domes Aulūs Elounda


Domes Lake Algarve


Domes Aulūs Zante
Santoririni Resorts


Domes Novos Santorini


Four brands for every journey

From iconic family resorts to uncommon escapes, cool-inclusive retreats, and adults-only havens,
the joy of exploration, the warmth of community, and the thrill of adventure resonate long after your journey ends.

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With 70 Awards and Counting

You deserve nothing but the very best, which is why we strive every day to deliver exceptional experiences for our guests. For over a decade, feedback from discerning travelers like you has helped earn us over 70 awards from top organizations like World Travel Awards, TripAdvisor and AHEAD. Reviews celebrating our warm hospitality, impeccable standards, design and attention to every luxury detail are a testament to the care we put into every stay.

Culinary Arts:
Chefs at heart, we craft meals with passion


At Vatanee, innovative chef Dionysis Anastopoulos marries ancient culinary arts with modern gastronomy in a symphony of small meze plates, celebrating the bond and unity formed through the ritual of sharing a meal.


Award-winning Topos is our signature neo-Greek seafood restaurant that will take you on a culinary journey to some of the most beautiful Islands in the Aegean, led by talented chef Dionysios Pliatsikas.

Makris Athens

Under the creative guidance of head chef Petros Dimas, Makris offers an ever-evolving experience of multi-Mediterranean degustation menus, always reflecting the latest offerings of the season from Makris Farm.

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  • All-inclusive 5-star havens

    Step into our stylish, 5-star beachfront retreats, where our revolutionary Cool-Inclusive concept offers a carefree lifestyle of indulgence.

  • Reserved for adults only

    Embrace the peace and privacy of retreats crafted just for adults, where every detail of refined elegance caters to a sophisticated and tranquil experience of relaxation and romance.

    Milos Island for Holidays
  • Immersive journeys for families and couples

    Discover tailored retreats for family adventures and intimate couple escapes, each a story of enchantment, relaxation, and cherished memories.

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