Discover Island Hopping with Domes

Discover Island Hopping with Domes

With Domes, you’re not just traveling; you’re embarking on a curated journey through Athens and the enchanting Cycladic islands of Mykonos, Milos, and Santorini, complete with up to 12% accommodation discounts. Join the Master Key Community and get extra perks.

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One-Stop Shop for Island Hoppers


Enjoy luxury cabanas on the Athenian Riviera’s most exclusive members club, marvel at the Temple of Poseidon’s sunset, and dine at Makris for a memorable meal with views of the Acropolis.

Athenian Riviera Luxury Glamping


Discover ancient Delos, enjoy secluded beach picnics, shop among Greek designers, and soak in the legendary nightlife.

Ancient Delos Greece


Hike the Caldera, dive into the art scene, taste diverse wines, and experience luxury in an expansive resort away from the clutter, with a sea view.

Hike the Caldera


Sail to Sarakiniko and Kleftiko beach, visit the Catacombs, and end days with mesmerizing sunsets and wine in private pool suites.

Sail to Sarakiniko and Kleftiko Beach

Iconic Destinations

Begin your grand adventure from Athens, stepping into the Athenian Riviera – Europe’s latest gem.  Visit our brand-new 91 Athens Riviera members-only luxury cabana club, delve into Mykonos’ cosmopolitan charm and lively nightlife, ascend the dramatic cliffs of Santorini for its unforgettable sunsets, and explore Milos’ lunar landscape with its azure waters.

Domes offers customizable packages
to fit your dream.

Choose from Romance or Family options or create your own tailored package for a truly personalized Greek island experience.

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