We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 1st of May!
Spinalonga at Domes Aulūs Elounda
Spinalonga at Domes Aulūs Elounda

Elounda Attractions

A Paradise for Diamonds and Promises

A coveted, exclusive spot for honeymooners and the international jet-set, Elounda can now be your summertime haven too. Offering sweeping views of every shade of blue, amazing amenities, and comfort, our seaside hotel rises majestically onto the hill, overlooking the inimitable Mirabello Bay, with its sparkling, crystal-clear waters, World-Heritage site Spinalonga Island fortress, golden beaches, and olive tree-dotted Cretan terrain.

  • Altitude Calm

    Amphitheatrically built to guarantee unforgettable vistas and inspiring nooks and crannies through and through, our resort offers the unprecedented quiet and calmness of living at the height of the horizon.

    Down the hill, it also boasts its own private beach and is just a stone’s throw from ancient landmarks, Elounda attractions, beautiful beaches, traditional villages, natural wonders, and more. Stay with us and feed your wanderlust while living in sumptuous comfort.

  • Elounda and Spinalonga

    Jet setters find Elounda the ideal setting for relaxation, romance, and special occasions. Across the water, the mysterious UNESCO World Heritage islet of Spinalonga is the stuff of legends.

    From ancient fortification to a medieval fortress, and later leper colony, its paved winding streets and houses, now stand empty until visited by enthusiastic travelers eager to uncover the secrets described in Victoria Hislop’s bestselling novel making it one of the best places to visit in Elounda.

  • Agios Nikolaos, Villages and Culture

    The passion of Cretans is famously depicted in the iconic Academy-Award-winning film Zorba the Greek. This island of proud, life-loving men and women has an unmistakable energy that every visitor can sense from the moment they arrive.

    Discover it in every one of the myriad mountain or seaside villages where time stands still, as well as Agios Nikolaos, a gorgeous seaside town where you can see the fascinating Voulismeni sweetwater lagoon, sculptures of ancient mythology, and Instagram-worthy churches and monasteries.

  • Connect with the Ancient

    The island of Crete is the site of the earliest known civilization in Europe: the Minoans.

    The ancient city of Knossos, the most important archaeological site in Crete, is where King Minos ruled in 4000 BC. A late Bronze Age civilization, the Minoans were mind-blowingly advanced, with multi-floor buildings, intricate art… and even the Labyrinth – the actual place that gave us the word: an elaborate underground maze that, according to the stories, was the home of the Minotaur.

  • Plaka

    Plaka, the quaint fishing village nearby, captivates with its traditional charm, stone houses, and pebbly beaches. Nestled by Elounda Bay, it offers the best breathtaking views of Spinalonga Island and its Venetian castle. The village is renowned for its delightful tavernas on the water serving local delicacies, creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for savoring the essence of Greek island life.

Travel with Avis

Make your next trip truly memorable by booking a mesmerizing stay at our resort along with your vehicle of choice to accompany you on your next adventure.

All this and more awaits at Domes Aulūs Elounda and Crete!