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We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 26th of April!
Couple at Adult-Only Pool of Domes of Elounda
Couple at Adult-Only Pool at Domes of Elounda

Domes of Elounda

The Eternal Charm of Domes of Elounda

Emerging from the hillside, this landmark beachfront resort combines the intimacy of a small retreat with the boundless options of an expansive luxury spa resort in Elounda, Crete that offers suites and villas, each boasting its pool or jacuzzi. Four signature restaurants and bars, each present a unique culinary identity. Revel in exclusive amenities, including an eco garden kids club, signature Soma Spa “The Refined”, watersports, and various immersive cultural activities tailored for families and couples.

Find solace under the olive grove shade where the lawn meets the white sandy beach, or exploring the five pools designed specifically for families, and adults. Facing the historic Venetian castle on the mythical Spinalonga Isle, enjoy views over the vivid turquoise waters. Lead your family and loved ones on boat adventures to secluded coves, hike the Samaria Gorge, and ancient Knossos, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Go for Gold: Olympic Games in Style

This year, we’re rolling out the red carpet for the Olympic Games with a lineup of exclusive events and activities. From live match screenings and bespoke themed cocktails to delightful kids’ activities, join the celebration and don’t miss out on the action!

Olympic Games

Treat Yourself to our limited-time offers!

Unlock up to 20% discount on our luxury suites and pamper yourself with exclusive romantic packages. Moreover, this season, kids stay for free! Book your family holidays and kids stay, eat and play for free. Don’t miss out!

If you could be anywhere

Warm, scented with history, the summer breeze flows in and about the Domed suites and Villas of this iconic Mediterranean sanctuary. This standing legend of Elounda is part of a handful of global hotels that have redefined the standard of luxury accommodation.

Cosmopolitan explorers, and notable guests alike, have been drawn by the allure of exclusivity into the arms of Domes of Elounda, Crete’s multi-awarded best luxury resort, mother to Domes’ unmistakable culture of innovative hospitality and elegance.

Hotel Guest Enters the Adults-Only Pool with Gulf of Elounda and Spinalonga in the Background

An abundance of space

Vast outdoor and indoor spaces to live, play, and explore, capture the essence of the best luxury spa resort in Elounda, Crete – a Crete family hotel with an enchanting demeanor, personal touch, and defining architecture.

Design-led hideaways balance comfort and finesse through craftmanship of domed ceilings that symbolize eternity. Carefully placed windows chase the sun’s continuous spectrum, allowing the light to enter freely and set the mood of the hour as hues of blue throughout the day turn into, pinks and fiery oranges while the evening sets.

Couple in a Luxury Hotel with Suites and Villas Equipped with Pool or Jacuzzi

Events Worth Seeing

A captivating calendar of events unfolds every summer so keep an eye out for what’s going on!

Explore the culinary wonders of Greek nomadic traditions, experience exhilarating live performances under the stars, and witness innovative gastronomy crafted by renowned guest chefs. Dive into a celebration of life with unforgettable, transformative experiences that awaken your adventurous soul.

A Journey rich in opportunity

For those in a relentless pursuit of their passions, opportunity beckons both in and out of our family luxury hotel in Elounda. Quaint fishing villages and Agios Nikolaos nearby offer an array of artisanal shops, traditional tavernas, and local flair.

Authentic daily events, and even an exclusive art gallery, make for a new luxurious way of living one is not afraid to touch, that allows you to remain in sync with Greece while enjoying world-class accommodation.

Couple at Plaka Port Learning about Traditional Fishing Methods by Two Local Fishermen
Shopping in Elounda at Hotel Art Gallery Domes of Elounda Resort in Crete
Hotel Guests Sitting at a Table with Food and Wine Glasses at Blend Restaurant

Lifelong memories together

Immersed in local influence, bond through family experiences destined to awaken your sense of adventure and strengthen your tribe while creating collective memories forever!

Our Montessori-inspired program is designed for endless hours of fun that helps transform children into well-travelled tweens; and teens, into cultured, sociable young adults, while allowing parents time alone to recharge in adult-only designated areas, and signature Soma Spa “The Refined” for well-deserved moments of peace and serenity at Domes luxury resort in Greece.

Family Holiday in Elounda, Mother and Son Picking Herbs at CORE Plaza in Crete

Refined lifestyle at CORE

Ever-evolving CORE is a signature concept that engages your senses. This open-air, modernist approach to the ancient Greek gathering place, agora, brilliantly fuses modern pop-up shopping with street food, engaging art, outdoor cinema, and a unique lineup of show-stopping events.

CORE is THE place for connection this summer having already caught global attention, receiving the 2020 Paris Design Award, and the Big See Architecture Award.

Couple Walking Down Main Alley at CORE Outdoor Urban Space
Father and Son Collect their Food from Truck at CORE Plaza
Mother and Son Enjoying Burger at CORE Plaza
Hotel Family Activities Mother and Son Picking Herbs at CORE Plaza in Crete

    Three Steps to Your Haven

    • Choose your room
      Luxury Spa Resort in Elounda Crete, Panoramic View
    • Pack your bags
      Hotel Guest Enters the Adults-Only Pool with Gulf of Elounda and Spinalonga in the Background
    • Enjoy
      Couple Enjoying Summer Cocktails at Beach Lounge Famous Bar in Elounda

Our Latest Highlights

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Couple Spa Treatments in Luxury Spa Resort in Elounda Crete

Spa Excellence at Soma Spa “The Refined”

Domes proudly unveils a groundbreaking approach to our Award-winning signature Soma Spa.

Guests Savor Cocktails at CORE Street Food Trucks

Gourmet Nights at CORE with Surfer Maya

Surfer Maya and Domes of Elounda, are thrilled to announce a series of three groundbreaking Foodie Events this summer.

Neema Plage: A Beachside Oasis

After years of success, the Neema Resortwear store at Domes of Elounda is introducing the first-ever Neema Plage.

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