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We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 1st of May!
Arts and Culture in Corfu
Arts and Culture in Corfu at Domes Miramare Corfu

Arts & Culture

  • Makris Market

    True to its promise that Domes Miramare is the Epicenter of Corfiot Gastronomy, Makris Market is dedicated to delivering the finest Greek food products directly to you, whilst on holidays. Greek deli at its best, Makris offers selected Corfiot products from small farmers and family-run businesses, like aromatic herbs and spices, Mandolato, the favorite sweet of the aristocracy, awarded Corfu honey, the Kumquat liqueur produced by the local distillery of Mavromatis and numerous delicious wines from leading estates of Greece.

    Makris Market for High Dining in Corfu
    Epicenter of Corfiot Gastronomy and one of the Best Restaurants in Corfu
  • ArtPlace

    The gallery is home to an impressive collection of artworks of Greek and international artists, including various art genres, paintings, and also installations such as engravings and sculptures. In addition to its permanent exhibition, the gallery hosts many temporary exhibitions of local and foreign artists, as well as cultural events, and regularly collaborates with figurative individuals from Greece and abroad, featuring creations throughout the resort that are also available for purchase.

    Gallery inside the resort which hosts exhibitions
  • Neema

    A resortwear boutique within Domes Miramare dedicated to high-impact fashion, elegance and originality.The love of travel and the wish to showcase talented work from around the world merge into a highly curated selection where elegance meets simplicity capturing the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Greek summer.

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    Special Products to Shop from the Resort in Corfu
    Shopping at Neema
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