We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 3rd of May!


Ancient Self-Care and Renewal

Welcome to Soma Spa ‘The Amuse’, where relaxation turns into an exhilarating celebration. In this lively sanctuary, treatments like glow facials and body-melting massages are designed for fun and rejuvenation.

Embrace our playful atmosphere, ideal for couples in pre-party prep or post-clubbing detox, powered by chic products from ELEMIS and Codage Paris. Each session begins with joyful gestures, setting the tone for a memorable, wellness-oriented escapade that makes every visit a fabulous affair.

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Soma Spa “The Amuse”

Tranquility and mindfulness

With an abundance of warm weather and sunlight, it is no wonder that thousands of years ago this island became the cradle of civilization for peoples like the Minoans. The climate of Crete, has healing powers and rejuvenating traits that will restore your balance and eliminate stress. Domes’  signature Soma Spa “The Amuse”  creates a one-of-a-kind, eco-spa journey that approaches your transformation holistically. After a full restoration profile assessment, indulge in revitalizing treatments, beauty rituals, deep tissue massages, and detoxification.

The rituals of the spa treatments and methods of the ancient Greeks are combined with the most recent healing techniques and results-oriented products from ELEMIS, the Number 1, Luxury, British Spa, and Anti-Ageing Skincare Brand. Also, GODAGE PARIS, inspired by the periodic table of elements, uses cocktails of active natural ingredients that work synergically to answer specific needs. It IS CLINICAL, in that it offers technologically advanced treatments, with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Exquisitely designed, Soma Spa “The Amuse”  encourages a self-care attitude and life-changing, take-home daily rituals. This oasis of serenity and inner peace eliminates stress to reveal a better, brighter you.

Outdoor Training

Actively reconnect to nature

Connected to Soma Spa, with activities that will extend outdoors with views of the Aegean sea, our state-of-the-art gym is open 24/7. Fitness experts are here to help you restore what has been lost, replenish Vitamin D naturally, achieve aspirational fitness results, or just find inspiration to become active again.

Body conditioning, body sculpting, functional circuit training and sunrise yoga sessions are but a few of the options that will allow you to reconnect body, mind, and spirit with nature and reactivate the will to achieve your fitness aspirations.