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We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 26th of April!
Experiences and Adventures in Elounda, Chef Teach Hotel Guests how to Create Traditional Greek Dishes
Experiences and Adventures in Elounda, Chef Teaching Traditional Greek Recipes during Family Holiday in Crete

Experiences and Adventures at Domes of Elounda

Don’t just visit; take it all in

From our CORE events and performances to ancient Knossos palace excursions and local village tour exploration, we have hand-picked the best things to do in Elounda. Digital detox, boat trips to world-class beaches and historic sites, Spinalonga island tours, and immersive cooking lessons are but a few exhilarating options on offer but do speak to us about personalizing experiences and adventures in Elounda.

Crete truly has it all.

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Ultimate Game-Watching Experience

Join us for the Olympic Games frenzy! Catch major Olympic events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, on large projector screens. Try our themed cocktails by Antonis Katakis, and delicious finger foods. Kids can participate in Olympic track games and themed gifts, sports coloring books, jockey caps, and jerseys add to the fun. Revel in the spirit of the games with Domes!

Olympic Games 2024
  • Boat Trips in Elounda

    With the mysterious Spinalonga islet beckoning across the azure waters of the bay – and with the seafaring tradition in Crete going back to the very dawn of time – we would be remiss not to offer a boat to Spinalonga experience.

    Hop on board the Meraki and set sail for an exploratory journey across the glistening turquoise to hidden beaches and coves or the secrets that the UNESCO World Heritage Island has to reveal.

    Guest Dives into the Sea during a Boat Adventure to Spinalonga Island
  • Cinema Nights under the stars

    For Greeks and loyal visitors, nothing says “Greek family summer” quite like sitting back under the starry sky and enjoying a kid’s movie at an open-air cinema.

    Now, you can enjoy this quintessential experience with your little ones just a few steps from your villa or suite. Cinema nights at Domes come courtesy of CORE and take place in a multifunctional space that’s vibrant and engaging in equal measure, captivating audiences of young ages.

    Kid Eating Pop Corn at Cinema Night in Elounda
  • Food Festivals & Workshops

    At Domes of Elounda, our epicurean instincts embrace the local and look to the global, so we have prepared a diverse series of gourmet events, food festivals, and cooking lessons to inform and delight in equal measure.

    International chefs, exquisite Cretan wine, secret recipes brought to light at our culinary events.

    Guests Learn Greek Traditional Recipes during Food Workshop at Domes of Elounda Resort in Crete
    Chef Holds a Loaf of Bread at Culinary Event at Domes of Elounda
    Outdoor Family Experience and Food Tasting Event in Elounda
  • BBQ Nights

    Follow the unmistakable smell of the charcoal grill to our open-air barbeque evenings, where the meat is fresh, the music and dance Cretan, and the people cheerful and festive.

    Mouth-watering cuts of local meat are grilled on an open fire, inviting everyone to join in. Such is the popularity of our BBQ evenings that we’ve added a new flavor to the rotation: fish barbeques of freshly caught, local fish and seafood enjoyed alfresco, in true Cretan tradition.

    Kid Enjoying Street Food at CORE Plaza
  • Traditional Pastry Cooking

    Roll up your sleeves: this bespoke culinary experience will see you not just learn about the veritable art of making genuine Cretan pies but also roll some dough and bake your own.

    Travel with us to the traditional village of Kritsa: Cretan housewives generously share their knowledge in the making of savory and sweet pies and pastries, such as kalitsounia and wild herb pie – all made from the purest ingredients, including locally sourced vegetables, cheese and dairy.

    Wild Herb Pie at Traditional Pastry Cooking Workshop in Kritsa Crete
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

    The tradition of olive oil on Crete is so ancient that there are olive groves dotted around the island so old, they have been officially declared natural and historic monuments.

    Crete produces perhaps the best olive oil in the world that locals compare to liquid gold. Whether you’re already an aficionado olive oil or just curious, a curated of extra virgin olive oil tasting will walk you through the range of varieties of olives and olive oil this blessed land produces.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Event in Elounda