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We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 1st of May!

Wellness at Domes of Corfu

Domes presents an innovative categorization of the acclaimed Soma Spa, dividing it into four unique classifications. This ensures that each guest discovers their ideal sanctuary within the Soma Spa, where their specific preferences are not only fulfilled but surpassed with exceptional skill and attention.

“The Finest” seamlessly merges luxury and tranquility, while “The Refined” epitomizes the timeless essence of spas. “The Amuse” injects a lively atmosphere into relaxation, and “The Blissful” intertwines classic allure with a sense of adventure. At Domes Of Corfu, Soma Spa invites guests to experience ‘The Refined,’ an exclusive retreat redefining luxury with expert therapists crafting personalized treatments.

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Soma Spa / The Refined

Soma Spa / The Refined is not just a spa; it’s a sanctuary where traditions meet sophistication—a haven celebrating refined luxury in every detail.

Choose from our full-service menu of massages and treatments that will melt your stress away and leave you with a lasting sense of well-being. Each treatment is delivered by highly skilled and attentive therapists using premium Elemis spa products.

Gym Pavilion

Whether you want to keep up with your fitness regime or just want a boost of endorphins, our luxury spa resort in Corfu has a fully equipped Gym Pavilion that offers everything you need to exercise in style under the bright blue skies.

From strength training to cardio and yoga in Corfu, the gorgeous beachfront setting with stunning views of the Ionian Sea will motivate you on your journey to feeling fantastic.

Adventure and Sport

A range of leisurely sports activities and exciting watersports are available in the resort, and a concierge service is at hand to arrange bespoke adventures and experiences beyond Domes of Corfu wellness retreat.

Hike up Pantokrator mountain, mountain bike through the island’s forests, go horseback riding along the island’s sandy shores, book a diving trip to explore Corfu’s underwater treasures, or arrange a sailing excursion with the family to enjoy unique views of the island from the sea.