We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 1st of May!

Fine Dining at Domes of Corfu

A Celebration of Flavors and Aromas

From elevated takes on familiar comfort food to elaborate degustation menus, fine dining at Domes of Corfu is a celebration the island’s flavors and aromas, and the Mediterranean’s bountiful seas and fertile soils.

Choosing only the freshest ingredients, our master chefs create authentic Greek and international cuisine making every dining occasion an opportunity to rediscover the joy of good food at some of the best restaurants in Corfu.

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  • A Veritable Hub of Flavors and Delights

    Experience an exciting culinary hub of new and familiar flavors, and scrumptious treats where there is always something new to taste and sip courtesy of the large and varied buffet.

    Tasteful modern décor combined with a lush atrium and stunning views across the sandy beach and the brilliant Ionian Sea create a perfect setting for you to enjoy a delicious casual meal, sample flavorsome surprises on theme nights or participate in gastronomy workshops.

  • Asian Culinary Fusions

    At Yaosai Asian restaurant, fine dining transcends into an art form, celebrating the rich collage of Asian cuisine.

    Inspired by Corfu’s storied fortresses, Yaosai, meaning fortress in Chinese, offers a serene and classical ambiance where the varied and rich flavors of Asia enhance a sophisticated dining journey.

  • Corfu Family Restaurant

    Looking for the best Greek restaurant in Corfu? Enjoy wonderful traditional meze dishes prepared with the finest locally sourced ingredients, bursting with the flavors of summer.

    Based on the “mezedopolia” and “ psaro-tavernas”, the traditional food markets of Thessaloniki, Meze offers the fresh catch of the day on the grill, a large variety of salads, dips, and hot dishes to be shared at the table right on the beach.

  • Gourmet Corfu Food Court

    Inspired by the beloved Corfiot landmark, step onto the beach and immerse yourself in a vibrant cultural hub with a bustling food market atmosphere.

    Discover our Italian Trattoria, satisfy your cravings with our Souvlaki Canteen Corfu street food truck, and indulge in our premium gelato bar, Honaki, with artisanal ice cream and dessert creations. Enjoy your treats in the shade while capturing the perfect Instagram shot at one of the best places to eat in Corfu.

  • Drink in the Island's Timeless Elegance

    Stylish, refined, and effortlessly elegant, NKALERI lounge bar draws its inspiration from the island’s periods of French and British rule, when the island flourished with lavish opulence, splendid architecture, and a love for vibrant living.

    With its luxe setting and sophisticated air, NKALERI serves an impressive range of premium spirits and liquors, sophisticated vintages, and signature cocktails and features nightly live music and DJ sets.

  • Corfiot Hospitality

    Xenía, the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, was the sacred responsibility to show generosity and hospitableness to those who are far from home.

    In ancient myth, the King of Corfu welcomed Odysseus to his palace with feasts and games. Today, we bring the xenia ritual to you, at Xenia lobby bar, to give you a first taste and bring your summer myth to life.

  • A Vibrant Haven

    Ammos caters to the tastes of both local elite and international guests its signature cocktails, exotic fruit bowls, hearty traditional breakfasts, refreshingly crisp salads, and avant-garde sushi rolls, all effortlessly delivered to your reserved sanctuary on the sand.

    Experience unparalleled service Corfu’s top beach bar as you luxuriate in hours of blissful sunbathing and aquatic escapades awaiting the island’s most captivating sunset.