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91 Athens Riviera
91 Athens Riviera Hotel

91 Athens Riviera

Exclusive Glamping and Lifestyle

Relive the Riviera Dream: Forever Chic, Forever Classy

Dive into the ultimate luxury cabana beach club experience. Brought to you by Domes & Grivalia, reminisce in vintage sophistication at the very first hybrid model of holistic lifestyle experiences and luxury accommodations, bringing private members and glamping guests together with a bold spirit that captivates!

Dive into extravagant “Luxents”, a blend of “luxury” and “tent”, where opulence meets the great outdoors. Sunkissed and prestigious, level up with our exquisite, private beach club experience.

Savor exquisite dining or laid-back menus poolside from Barbarossa restaurant, blending Cycladic island charm with Athenian Riviera glamour.

Welcome to glamping redefined for lifestyle connoisseurs and nature lovers alike.

An Elite Circle

Live the dream as the Domes’ seal of excellence echoes the golden era with modern Riviera elegance. Mingle alongside notable families, leading entrepreneurs, and celebrities, in the exclusivity of our private beach.

Play world-class tennis, work out in a multi-zone sophisticated sports hub, and boost your adrenaline with exhilarating water sports.

Coastal Serenity and 60’s Chic Sophistication

Unique coastal serenity on a beach that mirrors the secluded beauty of an island, brings back fond memories of Athens’ lifestyle destination. In a short distance from Athens’ city center, witness exquisite decor, bespoke personal service, and a curated signature culture of inspiring experiences at the lesser-known hotspot of the Athenian Riviera.

Enjoy access to the most exclusive members club in the Athenian Riviera and share the unique privileges available to its members.

Barbarossa: A Culinary Icon Arrives

Greece’s most celebrated restaurant worldwide, BARBAROSSA PAROS – BODRUM – CAIRO, now graces the Athens Riviera with Cycladic flair and Mediterranean-inspired gastronomy.

In a buzzworthy partnership with Domes, the signature beachside eatery is creating waves, revolutionizing the Riviera’s dining scene, bringing the real vibe of the Aegean to Athens, and turning heads amongst the who’s who of Athens’ elite.

Barbarossa A Culinary

Exclusivity Unmatched

Witness the blend of exquisite decor, cutting-edge luxury, and bespoke service. Privacy, exclusivity, and the Domes seal of excellence await!

Riviera Grand Slam

Experience unparalleled tennis in a setting of nostalgic grandeur, luxury, and exclusivity.

Our expertly maintained courts, tailored coaching, and elite clubhouse amenities offer a sublime blend of competition and relaxation amongst preferred members of the picturesque Athenian Riviera.

Soma Spa “The Finest”

Discover the epitome of spa excellence at Soma Spa ‘The Finest’. Our haute couture approach ensures each treatment, from percussive and light therapies to bespoke facials with Augustinus Bader and ELEMIS products, is uniquely tailored.

Luxuriate in extensive facilities including saunas and indoor pools, and revel in signature elements like our Tea Ceremony and tailored music, all designed to transform your well-being in a serene, luxurious setting.

Soma Spa in Athens Riviera

Island Hopping by Domes

Experience the ultimate island-hopping adventure with Domes, your gateway to Greece’s most iconic destinations – Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Milos.

Enjoy up to 12% off on luxurious stays, personalized itineraries by destination connoisseurs, and exclusive MasterKey Community benefits. Our one-stop-shop approach ensures everything from airfare, ferry tickets, and accommodations to excursions is expertly planned.

Island Hopping

Welcome to 91 Athens Riviera
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