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Tennis Court of 91 Athens Riviera
Domes introduces 91 Athens Riviera with tennis court.

Tennis at 91 Athens Riviera

An Exclusive Tennis Club

Grace the courts with finesse amidst the Athenian Riviera’s elite. Engage in sophisticated beachside match-play, in the camaraderie of the Athenian Riviera’s most private tennis club.

Premier Courts & Elite Coaching

Eight pristinely kept tennis courts and two charming mini-courts await enthusiasts and experts alike, set against the Riviera’s picturesque backdrop. Each court is a stage for ambition, catering to every skill level, from the eager novice to the battle-hardened veteran. Exceptionally skilled instructors offer personalized training, group sessions, or competitive matches to elevate your game.

Instructors for teaching guests tennis at 91 Athens Riviera.

Breakpoint Clubhouse

Our state-of-the-art clubhouse enhances your experience, featuring luxurious changing facilities, a sophisticated player’s boutique, and outdoor lounges that celebrate the spirit of a tight-knit tennis community.

Breakpoint Clubhouse in 91 Athens Riviera