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We are so excited to announce our resort's opening for 2024. We will be welcoming you from the 10th of May!


Volcanic Healing Energy

Soma Spa-Ready Suites

Embrace the sacred haven of our exclusive spa-ready suites, an oasis of tranquility offering unparalleled vistas of sparkling turquoise waters. Surrender to the allure of rejuvenation where ancient wisdom meets contemporary indulgence, and where the volcanic past, landscape, and energy of Milos Island infuse every aspect of your healing journey.

Skilled therapists from Domes’ signature Soma Spa guide you on a tapestry of profound rejuvenation and healing, harnessing the ancient volcanic energy that permeates the island. Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted treatments, blending modern techniques with age-old Greek rituals.

Let the powerful essences from renowned skincare brands Elemis and Codage Paris synergize with your body’s energy, revitalizing your senses. With each rhythmic flow, awaken your inner radiance and connect to the ancient energy that pulses through Milos.