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Domes Noruz

The Domes Noruz define design-led, adults-only seaside retreats. Set in legendary destinations renowned for their vibrant nightlife, this exclusive collection is a celebration of sophisticated style and sensuality, connecting you to the local spirit with an eclectic mix of gourmet dining, cutting-edge mixology, and immersive lounge sessions, all set against a backdrop of captivating art and high fashion. Get lost in a 24/7 atmosphere of celebration and aesthetic delight where every moment is an opportunity to engage, inspire, and connect.


Domes Originals

The Domes Originals are a refined selection of exquisite hotels on captivating beach destinations with panoramic sea vistas and a storied past. This unrivaled collection offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture alongside loved ones, through curated experiences that are crafted to create lasting memories. Unwind on picturesque blue flag beaches, indulge in signature gastronomic delights, explore the rich history and cultural heritage, and rejuvenate with ancient Greek wellness rituals, all while residing in a grand estate set amidst the serenity of water.


Domes Reserves

The Domes Reserves are exclusive retreats in handpicked locations with timeless ambiance. Emphasizing cultural heritage and personalized service, discover the hidden stories of these unique locations and enjoy the sophisticated charm of bygone eras. As a precious part of the Domes legacy, the Reserves are devoted to creating treasured memories, preserving rarity and authenticity for a truly enriching experience.