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Chania Attractions
Chania Attractions for Cretan Holidays

The Birthplace of the Gods




One of the oldest settlements in the world, the evocative city of Chania is a tantalising mix of old and new.

Around every corner, evidence of how important this strategic location has been for countless civilisations past is found in the form of sights, smells and sounds.

This is by no means a city to look at. It’s a city to get stuck in. From the romantic old harbour area to the iconic 16th century lighthouse, imposing stately homes and Turkish bathhouses, all the way through to rustic winding alleys and charming open-air markets showcasing locally-grown produce, it’s a veritable mosaic of old and new, echoing the past and embracing the present with a vibe that’s gently invites you to live life to the fullest.

Just ten minutes from Zeen, the old town of Chania is a vibrant whirlwind of options for even the worldliest of travellers to get excited about. That’s why it’s considered the best place to stay in Crete. Just speak to our 24-hour reception to arrange a car, scooter or bicycle to discover it yourself – or even take a little time to walk there, taking in the fantastic scenery at a leisurely pace.

  • Crete revealed

    A Southeast Mediterranean island which forged civilization as we know it, Crete is a beacon for wanderlusters, jetsetters and island-hoppers alike in the 21st century thanks to its unique combination of tradition, contemporary passion, history and intrigue that informs the Cretan spirit.

    The hearth of human passion burns strong on a land adored by locals as much as by visitors. If we were to dive into the past of Crete, we would find it difficult to pinpoint where to start. Perhaps with the fossilized footprints left here by our human relatives 5.6 million years ago? Or the goddess clay figurines from 5300 BC brought to light by archaeologists? Or maybe later, when Europe’s most ancient civilization, the Minoans, blossomed? If you were to ask an Ancient Greek, they’d explain how Crete is the mythical birthplace of Zeus, father of the gods and the humans alike. And this is where he romanced an ethereal nymph called Europe, giving her name to an entire continent. There are myths and legends every step of the way through time and place, with the Minotaur guarding the Minoan Labyrinth and craftsman Daedalus taking flight with wings of his own creation together with his son, Icarus.

    But there are even more echoes of dozens of civilizations past, from Paleolithic settlements of the early Mycenean settlements lost in the depths of time to classical antiquity – and through eras past with Greeks, Byzantines, Venetians, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans all passing through this land and claiming it as their own, leaving diverse marks that helped form majestic monuments scattered across the landmass and forging the proud and hardworking nature of Cretans.

    Then, there was the modern Cretan State, the Battle of Crete, the Cretan temperament made immortal on the silver screen in the form of Zorba the Greek… Even recent history features Crete in spades. All this and more is reflected in the character of this island as is in the countless worthwhile attractions and landmarks.

    Then there’s you. On this island, ready to drink it all in. Looking to experience these for yourself? We have prepared a series of tailor-made activities and excursions to help you on your way.

    Top Old Town Chania Attractions
  • Best Beaches

    An expansive coastline measuring up to 1,046km means that Crete truly has a beach, cove and secret shore for every occasion. It’s no wonder that dozens of its tropical locations are found among lists of the best beaches in Greece.

    You’ll find Domes Zeen Chania’s private pebble beach literally at your doorstep. But in addition to it, there are dozens of alluring seaside spots near the hotel for those who want to mix things up. The soft golden sand of Falassarna, the deep blue waters of Seitan Limania, the tropical beauty of Balos and dozens of other famous and lesser-known shores are within easy reach from your bungalow, suite, pavilion or villa. Countless different spots in the sun with amazing waters and inviting shores await.

    Best Beaches in Crete
  • Nature Beyond

    Traversing Samaria Gorge is akin to a mystical experience. Nature is alive and breathing here, with the endemic kri-kri goat and several species of animals and plants adding to the appeal. Deep within this nature reserve, you’ll find gurgling streams and even the ruins of a traditional village abandoned to make way for the National Park, which is also a World’s Biosphere Reserve.

    A full stretch of 18km makes Samaria the longest gorge in Europe, attracting thousands of visitors yearning to discover the fertile landscape hidden deep within the White Mountains. We have hand-picked and prepared a full guided tour of Samaria Gorge for Domes Zeen Chania residents.

    Samaria Gorge Best Chania Attractions

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